Proven technology

PuriSoil is an eco-friendly technology. Pipes are inserted in the ground to a depth lower than the contaminated layer of soil. Next, air is injected into the soil through the pipes. A specially developed bio-active material (PuriSoil starter) is mixed with the top layer of soil. As the air flows upwards through the soil it carries the contaminants to the surface. In this bio-active zone the pollution is completely and effectively broken down and converted into CO2 and water.

Minimal disruption,
maximal result

Inserting the pipes in the ground takes relatively little time and is not likely to cause disruption. As compressors inject the air at high pressure, we can clean large areas quickly. There is no need for a separate contaminant removal process since the contaminants are treated and converted to water and CO2 as an integral part of the remediation process in the subsoil. Soil remediation with PuriSoil® is quick, ecologically friendly and causes rarely any damage to the local environment.

Fixed price with guaranteed results

After an initial analysis of the pollution, Terreco will provide an adequate remedition plan and quotation. This quotation is fixed price in nearly all cases, which means that there will be no budget overruns and the customer knows exactly what to expect when Purisoil is chosen.

Supervision by our specialists

Our specialists take extensive samples and measurements at the start of the project and will continue to do so throughout the remediation process. They supervise the remediation process from the initial soil survey to the handing over of clean ground.

Advantages Purisoil ®

    • Low cost, even with highly concentrated pollution
    • Does not disturb residents and companies
    • Works at great depths
    • Soil can be treated under existing buildings
    • Ecologically friendly as it uses natural biological processes
    • No separate gas and/or water treatment necessary
    • Rapid remediation, even in clay soil and large sites
    • Proven technology for all types of soil
    • No toxic substances are released
    • No risk of explosion
    • No major excavation required
    • Combined remediation of soil and ground water
    • No subsidence due to extraction of water
    • Proven track record

Application of Purisoil ®

(compared to other in-situ remediation technologies)


+/-     Slightly suitable

-        Not suitable