Recover soil to its natural state

Terreco uses a unique in-situ technology called PuriSoil® to clean up large contaminated areas in a single operation. We carry out the entire process - from preparation to remediation, including inspection and clean soil delivery. Thanks to PuriSoil® technology’s unique pricing concept, a PuriSoil® remediation project will normally cost less than that of a project executed by other methods.

The technology that Terreco uses can be used anywhere, including contaminated industrial sites and housing estates built on polluted ground. No installations, houses or other buildings need to be demolished so there is no disruption to everyday life. There is no need for major excavations or complex cleanup processes. We have demonstrated many times that this technology can clean soil at depths of more than 40 metres without any problems.

Fixed price

After analysis of the pollution, Terreco will provide an adequate remedition plan and quotation, which is fixed price is nearly all cases. This means there will be no budget overruns and the customer knows exactly what to expect when Purisoil is choses as technology.

Guaranteed results

Wherever possible, Terreco guarantees it will perform the remediation service as agreed with the customer. Additionally, an independent environmental agency assesses our performance, too. By guaranteeing our results, we give our customers maximum certainty.