Terreco Environmental Solutions

Experts in soil remediation

Terreco B.V. is specialized in polluted soil remediation based on fixed price. We use a unique soil remediation technology with a proven track record that was developed by DSM: Purisoil ®. 


Fig 1. Purisoil technology

Cleaning up harmful pollution
Soil absorbs all sorts of contaminants that are often invisible to the naked eye. Quite a lot of soil is heavily polluted and therefore poses a health risk. It is vital for us to clean polluted sites without causing further damage to the environment. Terreco restores contaminated sites to their natural healthy state..

Terreco helps to sustain life
Pollution undermines the stability of soil life and can even result in the elimination of all the soil’s microorganisms. Our logo is a stylized fossil and represents our ultimate goal: to help sustain life on this planet. The name Terreco indicates what we stand for: remediation of the soil (‘terra’) in a manner that is economically and ecologically sound (‘eco’).

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Years experience
>40 m
Depth of pollution
30 m²
Smallest project
6 ha
Largest project